Web development

The website is one of the businesses most important tools. However, even if you invest in online marketing and bring traffic to the website, what good is it if the website does not know how to convert the traffic?

A website that works is pure art. No less. It combines architecture, thought, knowledge, experience, technological understanding, design, planning, building, QA and more. It’s an entire concert of people and instruments, and when they work well together, they produce fantastic music. If the website doesn’t work, then it’s nothing more than one out of millions of business cards out there on Google.

Web development


When we talk about a good website, we are not necessarily talking about a beautiful website, or one you are emotionally connected to, or one you have been working on for a year. A good website is a website that works. In our language, a website that converts, that made the maximum percentage of your visitors take the action that you wanted them to take.

The drama in any kind of positive change can be huge! Imagine a website with a 1% conversion rate (some sites even have less – 0% conversion rate, they simply don’t convert at all) that after excellent optimization they now have a 3% conversion rate. Let’s assume they have 100 visits per day, 1% conversion means 1 lead. With 3% conversion rate, they now have two additional leads a day. That’s a jump of 300%! That can completely turn a business around, in a good way, of course.

Don’t forget that if you jump, for example, from two to three percent, the difference is only one percent but the growth is 50% – a 50% growth in leads. That can be very dramatic for a business.

Bottom line – an excellent site is a site that brings lots conversions and resulting in maximum quality leads.

So how do you build such a website? Well, it’s not that easy. There is a lot of knowledge, methodology, research, trial, and more involved. But it’s important that we understand at least, that as businesses we don’t just want a sort of respectable business card with a “home page, about, vision and contact”. Rather, we want the website to serve as a tool, an actual work tool that will bring in leads and revenue.

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