The intention of this page is not to boast proudly about Wisy activities for the community.

Personally, I have changed my idea of what contributing to the community really means.

Obviously, it is important to contribute to the community, and this has nothing to do with Wisy, internet marketing or credits.

In my eyes, anyone who can contribute to the community and help others, without doing so, is simply not fulfilling his potential in this world.

So what is this page for?

This page comes to tell you about how I changed my idea of contributing, and how this change has benefitted many people and organizations.

So what was this change?

Until a few years ago, I thought that contributing to the community meant suffering. That one needs to go to the hardest of places, and go through difficulties in order to help others. That it will only count as giving if one is suffering from it.

This is how I found myself helping in places where people took advantage of me, and abused me mentally, and this was very hard for me. Eventually, I could not continue with this for a very long time.

What did I understand from this?

Contribute with the things that you are good at. Contribute with what you are dealing with.

Today, we are volunteers in organizations that have ITmanagements. We provide internet marketing for volunteer associations, and we run internet campaigns for important organizations and more.

This is an absolute Win-Win scenario, because this is what we deal with on a daily basis. It is easy for us to contribute within this area, and the contribution is excellent because we can do it really well since this is our specialty.

That is why we suggest the following: An accountant should contribute with accounting for people who need that, perhaps by offering financial consulting for free. A lawyer should provide free legal consultation for poor people, who need it but cannot afford it. A beautician can give her services for free to a woman who is about to get married but doesn’t have the means for this type of service, and more…

That is how the giving and receiving will become perfected.

May the one who can do both be blessed!


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