Wisy’s differentiation can be summarized in three words: optimization of your money

At the end of the day, we are asked to do the best with the existing tools and resources. This is the essence of our work. We assume that as readers, you are sick of words like service, professionalism, trustworthiness, which appear on every broker’s business card. So objectively, what will managed to create a better bang for your buck? 

One Stop Shop

I have to be honest (this is Ido writing), and say that our site building prices are dirt cheap  in relation to the what you get in return, the huge amount of work, thought, planning and QA put into it. We do not make any money from it we even lose money.

So why do I maintain this department? For one reason alone. So that we can provide all the services under one roof.

We have close to 20 people in our team, out of which four in the area of website building. Why? Because it is important for the infrastructure. We do not dump you on freelancers you do not know every time you need something small like a landing page and so on. We provide all the online marketing services under one roof. Some of the time, we make a profit and some of the time, we do not, but the bottom line is that both we and the client benefit from it.

Focus and Professionalization

We do not have a team member who builds, and plans, promotes, and manages website’s PPC campaigns – in short, there are no Supermen here. Why is that? Because no such person exists.

Each of us is an expert in his or her own field. For example, our company’s media manager spends the entire day on Facebook. She does not promote websites, does not do Google advertising. She does nothing but Facebook. She goes to conferences, reads professional material, stays update with the technologies and so on. This focus produces the highest level of professionalism. This happens in all our departments. Everybody is focused on their expertise and the account managers job is to conduct this whole orchestra for his audience (the clients), providing them with the highest level of marketing services.

Tools and Processes

There are no papers, notes, assignments given during a conversation on the way to have coffee, we do not text questions and, we use email as a communication too and not a work tool.

We have software to manage assignments and processes, and we work with at least 20 web tools to make the work as precise as possible, such as Asana, Harvest, Zoho, Instagantt and others.

Everyone knows exactly what he or she is going to be doing that day. Every client gets an organized and defined set of resources, and we never have conversations such as “you haven’t sent it, have you? Because I can’t find it in my email…” “I have never heard about this assignment; send it to me again…” “Did you want a landing page or just a banner?” and so on.

Everything is methodological, organized and defined.

Standing and Experience

We are no longer young, and it was not yesterday that we graduated from some website promotion course or other. We were here before Google, in the late Alta Vista days, when Yahoo was still an index etc. We have been through all the stages of PPC, from day one, when Google charged one cent per click and we would be billed at the end of the month for $3.22.

Experience gives us the ability to optimize, to know where to invest the resources in order to get the best return, and to know what works and what does not, and the most significant thing of all – to be able to distinguish between important and trivial.

Network of Websites and Case Studies

Since we market and promote hundreds of websites and clients, we have seen and experienced just about everything, from unexplained successes in website promotion to penalized customers who come to us to be extracted from the penalty, and a variety of other cases.

The advantage of size enables us to see and handle hundreds of websites, which gives us insight on what works and what does not in website promotion.

A Network of Websites – over time, we have put together a wide network for collaborations, which currently contribute to website promotion.

Maximum Value for Money

We are not cheap, nor are we expensive. Our differentiation in not in our price, However, we are sitting right on a sweet spot – we are not a freelancer who gave you fantastic service yesterday, but is not available today, and tomorrow is busy and the day after tomorrow you are not his priority since he just got a big job. On the other hand, we are not a huge company with cumbersome processes either. The best way of defining us is as a “commando unit for online marketing”, which is what produces maximum value for your money.

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