About Ido Sela

Up to a few years ago, I was still a young and knowledgeable person, who knew a lot about the internet, and friends and family would come and consult with me. I have experienced the internet from day one, when they still used to write “Internet” in inverted commas in the newspaper. I am not that young anymore, I will be forty any minute now and I even have grey hair to prove it…. my wife says it’s sexy to make me feel better…

I love sports. I used to swim professionally and I still swim at my brother’s Water World in his the Poalim Group, I adore squash, chess and snowboarding.

I spent most of my life in Ra’anana, and a few years ago, we moved to Nitzanei Oz. Until we actually moved there, I was sure it was in the far north even though it is only fifteen minutes away from Raanana.

We moved because despite my love of the internet, I did not want my children to be Facebook kids. I wanted them to experience a real bonfire and not a bonfire sharing app, I want them to learn how to communicate and express their feelings with friends, to build a sukkah with planks and nails and not in a Facebook Sukkah Group. I hope I have any control over it. At least I will have provided them with the platform.

I have worked in the software and technology field for most of my life. I worked in a startup company as V.P of Marketing, in Retalix as Director of Operations with huge clients worldwide such as Ikea, and Petro China. I have spent way too much time on airplanes, to the point where the aircrew knew me by my first name, which, buy the way, is disturbing. I loved working in Retalix and still have a warm place in my heart for the company and the people.

As it happened, over the years, even thought I had full time jobs, I provide friends and family with advice on Fridays in and the evenings on all sorts of topics relating to their businesses, but mainly relating to the internet and technology. Don’t ask me what my education is in this field, because, officially, I am a lawyer, although my diploma is in the drawer (till this very day, if she is asked, my mother does not say that Ido has an internet marketing company, she still says that I am a lawyer….it is too complicated to explain all about that passing trend called internet). I think my love of people, business, commerce and the development of abilities, brought people to me naturally, and probably, and others will testify to this, their success as well.

I left Retalix in order to start my own project on a cloud. As I was looking for capital, I came across a man who was prepared to invest in the project, but wanted me to help him with marketing “in the meantime”, since he had heard I was an expert when it came to the internet. Within a short while, he brought a friend, who brought his friend and so on, and suddenly, there are twenty of us here at Wisy.

Among others reasons, we are successful because we approached clients with a completely different attitude, which is “how do you make money out of this thing called internet” with the same attitude I personally approached my friends with, and not “how do you promote the website” or “how do you get a campaign going”. How you optimize existing tools and resources.

I love technology dearly and get very excited from well implemented applications, from useful tools from impressive games and so on, but I am not a blog fiend, do not write on forms, do not understand why people follow other people on Twitter, and you will never believe it, and I do not even know if I can say it – I can’t stand Facebook, the way I see it, it is an unbelievable time wasting machine.

However, in the area of online marketing, and in business in general it does not really matter who likes what, what matters is what works (data, not emotions) and that is exactly what I do now – neutralize emotions and opinions and work according to the data.

My moto is “Do your best” not your dream’s best, and not your imagination’s best, and not your friends’ best, the best of your ability. Give it all you have. That is the best.

I am an entrepreneur at heart, and am sincerely excited to see things coming into being. Currently we are developing four projects in our core areas.

I have been blessed with my wife and family and with Wisy.  Happily, I come to work with unusual passion to create and to work. I hope I will be able to work a little less since one of my problems is that I work to much, but has my mother says “we work on ourselves till our very last day”  so I still have a ways to go….

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