We have purposefully written this article on Internet Marketing Services in a brief manner, presenting not only the additional Internet marketing services we provide on a technical level, rather, our mindset too, and why it’s important.

Web Analytics

You can approach analytics in two ways. One way is to take the code from Google, insert it on the website and define an objective or two. This is not bad and is even suitable for a particular type of business.

But you can also take it a step further and utilize the excellent tool called Analytics. This means, first of all, defining what it is that we want to see. Are we interested in knowing which of our products interest our visitors the most? Are we interested in knowing how many views the video on our home page – which we think is amazing – has received? (Subsequently, it turns out that it’s not that amazing…) and other questions which are not run of the mill? There is always an Action Item next to the question – an assignment, which at the end of the day will improve the existing situation.


We post videos on the website for three reasons:

The first – marketing. It has been said before that the medium is the message. Having a video on the website is an excellent medium. If you were not David Grossman, It would be impossible to convey the message with text. In a video, you can be seen, heard and felt, and convey the message much better.

The second – website promotion. Since people watch the video (assuming that they do), the average time spent on the website is increased. In most cases, a prolonged average duration of visit on the website eventually contributes to the website’s promotion and page ranking.

The third reason – website promotion – a video, especially one stored on YouTube, is in itself a separate page on the Internet and is promoted separately. That fact that it is sitting both on the internet and on your site can bring traffic, but of course, it also contributes to your website’s promotion.


Our clients will always write better technical content than we will. Always. It is challenging to take a professional field like medical software and increase our ability to write about it better than a client who lives and breathes the business.

However, there is plenty of nonprofessional content on a website, such as blogs, about pages and more. Moreover, we will probably have a better marketing and SEO approach to content for the web.

There is no argument that content is the real king. It’s obvious. The question is how to produce it.

We found that the winning mix is a combination between us and the client which results in excellent content that eventually also contributes to the promotion of the website.

Website Hosting

It’s basic. You don’t host a website just anywhere. You host it on an excellent server that you know and trust. You don’t go looking for hosting for a dollar. You look for an excellent server on which you can rely.

Building a Newsletter Strategy

As every smart aleck is aware, knows and recites, it’s true that nowadays a newsletter is a commodity. But what if we told you that most of the mailing lists do not make money? And what if we told you that most of them send out boring promotions; and who says that newsletters have to be sales oriented? We’ll try to answer these and other questions.

First, the client’s needs must be defined, his mailing lists must be built, clear targets should be defined, a target audience should be defined, and a language should be defined, etc.

At the end of the day, the objective is to leverage the mailing list to make money, but that does not mean money today. It’s about establishing a quality, long- term reserve which could produce money down the road. We will help you build that infrastructure.

High Converting Landing Pages

We assume you are familiar with landing pages and we shall not expand on the matter here. The thing is that currently, most of the public buys traffic from Google and forgets about conversion rates, which are no less important than buying the media or focusing it.

At the end of the day, a landing page is supposed to convert more than the website does, and if it is well built, every percent is dramatic. Let us not forget that if we improve the conversion rates for 4% to 6% it is a two percent improvement, but in practical terms, it means 50% more leads, 50% more growth, which is dramatic for a business.

Extracting websites from Google Penalties

It’s embarrassing to say, but one of Wisy’s biggest growth engines has been the website marketing market itself. Even now, many website promoters still work with automated technical tools, a methodology appropriate for up to a few years ago. The market has gone through a dramatic change and currently, there is no room for technique, rather for creativity, which is why numerous businesses have been penalized, and have completely disappeared from Google.

Part of the service we provide is extracting those websites from Google Penalties. We always use White Hat methods – meaning that we follow all the rules dictated by Google. However, it’s important to remember that we don’t have a secret key. The process itself of fixing these problems takes at least a year of laborious work and requires close collaboration with the client.

Research and Recommendations for Websites

A one- time service in which we comprehensively analyze your website from every possible direction: links, infrastructures, data analysis, the promotional state, the marketing state, the state of the website, landing pages and so on.

Internet marketing services

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