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The service menu here is not another “yadda yadda yadda” about internet marketing.

The following pages will be very short and we will not be talking about what internet marketing is or the importance of “website marketing”. We will, however, share a short and unique perspective of the field and Wisy’s expertise, differentiation and unique take on the subject.

Let’s begin.

The way we see it, a business is equivalent to a concert – all the instruments need to work together. One screeching instrument can ruin an entire concert.

Online marketing is not only about promoting websites – promoting websites is one out of an entire ensemble of marketing related subjects, which will eventually result in additional income for the business.

Usually, the business’s goal is not to promote the website or appear on Facebook or send out newsletters – rather, it is to create more income for the business.
People and businesses mistakenly think that Google is the only player on the internet and that website marketing on Google is everything. It is a lot, but not everything.

Nowadays there are amazing platforms for advertising, promotion, and sales, which at times are even better than Google in their level of focus. For example, Outbrain is a wonderful tool for marketing content. It excels at awareness marketing and provides excellent conversion rates for businesses that have fantastic content.

An example of the opposite is Facebook. Despite the buzz, who says you have to be there no matter what the cost? And should every business be there?

At the end of the day, the secret is optimization – taking a given set of tools and a given budget and making the most of it. There are no fixed rules here. Facebook may be very suitable for one business, while another, a B2B business, has no business there at all; its main channel should be LinkedIn.

The trick is to examine things in a cool, unaffected manner and to do the best with the tools at hand.

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